2019 Annual Report 

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A Message from Our Executive Director


Dear PLUS ME Community, 

Throughout my senior year in college, I visited 77 schools and shared my story of getting accepted into Occidental College with over 12,500 students. My goal that year was to connect with and inspire at least 10,000 students by highlighting the obstacles I overcame and hoping it would encourage them to remain resilient on their road to success.

I will never forget the day I finished reading Nonprofits For Dummies and decided to expand this necessary work by taking the first official step to launch the PLUS ME Project. I was extremely excited, absolutely terrified, and truly had no idea how that decision would forever change my life and the lives of so many others.

Six years later, we are releasing our first ever annual report at such an inspirational time in our organization’s growth trajectory. Recently, PLUS ME entered into a new chapter and I am honored to highlight some of our past accomplishments and where we plan to go in the future.

This past year, 16,230 students engaged in our storytelling programs, 106 volunteers shared their stories with the youth of Los Angeles, and $75,000 in new funding was secured from multiple foundations and corporate supporters. In addition to this, we also developed our new three-year strategic plan with support from Executive Service Corps, won UCLA’s Social Enterprise Academy venture competition, and finalized our new comprehensive program model.

Our team is so thrilled and proud to showcase PLUS ME Project’s new logo, website, and overall new branding throughout this annual report. This feat was one of the biggest projects we took on last year and with the help of a dedicated volunteer team, we successfully launched our new modern brand.  

This year was one I will never forget and I want to thank everyone who was a part of making PLUS ME’s FY 2019 the true victory that it was for us. I look forward to leading our team and growing our work so that we can continue to inspire students in Los Angeles and beyond to realize their story matters.

PLUS ME continues to evolve and fulfill the goal that I set many years ago by building a movement of confident storytellers. As we remain an emerging, industry-leading organization that truly represents the communities we serve, we hope after reading our annual report, you are inspired to engage, advocate, and continue to support our work even more this year.

Always remember that your story matters and that you have the ability to make a positive impact on someone else’s life.


Richard Reyes, Executive Director