PLUS ME Spotlight: Kenneth Jones


Our PLUS ME Spotlight for this month shines on: Kenneth Jones

Our PLUS ME Spotlight for this month shines on: Kenneth Jones

Hometown/Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Major Gifts Associate for Los Angeles LGBT Center (Hollywood) 

Kenneth is a Los Angeles native who takes pride in his Mexican and African American heritage. As the youngest of 5, Kenneth always admired and greatly respected his mother for her ability to raise all of her children on her own. She worked as a waitress and always made it clear that she wanted her children to achieve more by going to college or learning a trade. She always encouraged Kenneth and his siblings to put 110% into whatever they did.

Growing up, one of Kenneth’s main struggles surrounded his own self-doubt. He was not raised in a wealthy household and always felt the pressure of needing to succeed. He would often wonder how he would make it, if he would make it, or what path was meant for him. As a child, Kenneth watched Law & Order and always dreamed of becoming a police officer. After graduating from Hamilton High School, Kenneth decided to study at Santa Monica Community College and graduated with an associate’s degree in Business Administration. 

Over time, he realized that in order to be successful he needed to be tenacious, network with others, and always help people in need. Kenneth realized he could do all of these things in the nonprofit sector and discovered a new passion. He was an avid volunteer for multiple organizations in Los Angeles and found joy in serving disadvantaged communities. 

One of his biggest accomplishments was when he received the Volunteer Service Award by President Obama for the community work he did with the Red Cross. His current role at the Los Angeles LGBT Center as the Major Gifts Associate is something he is very proud of.

In all of the great work Kenneth has done, he wants to be remembered as a caring, compassionate individual who helped to uplift his community and offered support to anyone in need. Kenneth believes the PLUS ME Project provides invaluable services to students in helping them shape and express their stories. He supports our work because he wants more students to realize the importance of their journeys and that they matter. 

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