An Overview of PLUS ME Programs

PLUS ME believes that every student has potential. Our job is to magnify that potential and help students discover and affirm the greatness within them. Starting with our Guest Speakers and ending with Achievers, each program serves as a step toward assisting students in identifying their specific gifts and encouraging them to own who they are. As a community partner, we bring our trained team of relatable role models into schools and organizations to conduct our presentations and workshops both in and out of school. We also provide support to educators and parents around how to build a storytelling culture within their schools or homes.


Guest Speakers PLUS ME

grade level: 6th – 12th

  • Shares stories students can relate to

  • Empowers youth through storytelling from relatable role models

  • Reminds students that their stories matter


Leaders PLUS ME

grade level: 7th & 9th

  • Provides self-awareness through storytelling

  • Builds soft skills for youth

  • Lays foundation of basic leadership skills


Storytellers PLUS ME

grade level: 8th & 10th

  • Helps youth discover the power of their own personal narratives

  • Provides tools and resources to identify parts of their own stories

  • Offers a space to open up and orally share


Writers PLUS ME

grade level: 11th

  • Introduces and builds written narrative for students

  • Helps students dig deep and structure elements of story

  • Provides a journal for students to reflect in


Achievers PLUS ME

grade level: 12th

  • Provides resources and support for transitioning out of high school

  • Discusses fears and insecurities and support systems

  • Helps students create action plans as they enter the next phase of their journey


Educators PLUS ME


  • Helps to build a culture of storytelling for schools and organizations

  • Creates connection for colleagues through sharing their own narratives

  • Provides a framework for how to engage youth in sharing story


Parents PLUS ME


  • Empowers parents to tell their stories

  • Connects parents by supporting them in sharing their own struggles and accomplishments

  • Creates a safe and supportive culture for schools