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An important element to the success behind our work is the relationships we form with our community partners. PLUS ME believes it is important to support students and adults with building their confidence and articulating their stories. This is why we directly partner with school districts, charter networks, community organizations, and college access non-profits to bring our storytelling expertise and team of relatable role models to their sites.

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We proudly support middle school & high school students from


Since 2014, PLUS ME Project has maintained a proud partnership with GEAR UP 4 LA. This has allowed us to help bring out the resilient stories of hundreds of students, educators, and parents throughout the dozens of schools they have served. We have guided students through multiple programs and watched cohorts of students matriculate from middle school into college!


“The PLUS ME Project has been a perfect match for our grant. Their services have done so much more than just help prepare our students for writing their personal narratives for college applications. They have instilled a confidence in our students that has helped them realize the power and strength in their story, and to take pride in who they are, where they’ve been, and where they’re going.”

–Lois Bramwell, GEAR UP 4 LA Project Director